IRIS Research Panel

The Illawarra Regional Information Services Research Panel is a collection of over two thousand Illawarra residents who have indicated that they would like to participate in research projects conducted by IRIS research, now and in the future.

Meeting your business research needs

IRIS Research maintains the largest and most comprehensive panel of consumers in the Illawarra region. Perseverance of a balanced demographic, the use of specialised targeting and the application of our web survey tools enable us to meet the precise needs of any industry and to allow research that is quick and cost effective

Our extensive Consumer Panel enables us to provide expert services such as

  • Target market analysis and recommendation
  • Marketing campaign success evaluation
  • Market share statistical data and assessment
  • Brand awareness, loyalty and perception studies

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What it means to be a member

Panel members are sent short screening surveys to determine their suitability for current studies, usually via email. Respondents who meet the specific criteria of our research are then invited to be involved in telephone, internet and face to face interviews, as well as expert run focus groups.

As a member of the IRIS Consumer Panel, your opinions are highly valued and well rewarded. Contributors are generously compensated for the time they give up and well provided for during that time. They also gain the opportunity to win special prizes simply for being a member of the IRIS Consumer Panel.

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Contact us

The IRIS Consumer Panel is open to all residents of the Illawarra region Anyone wishing to join can call IRIS on 4285 4446 during normal business hours and register their contact details.

If you are interested in employing the services of the IRIS Consumer Panel please also call to arrange a suitable consultation.